How fit are you

Question for those in their late 20s: How fit are you?

Physical fitness is a topic that is most discussed in break rooms of corporates between co-workers. It is often also an important matter between a beer-chugging young adults and their concerned parents. But how does one exactly measure their fitness? Here are some of the cues that will tell you how fit you are:

Body Mass Index (BMI)
A body with a stable BMI is considered healthy and balanced. The BMI is measured by squaring one’s height (in meters) and then using it to divide the weight. A man who is 1.6 meters in height and 70 kg in weight will have a BMI of 27.5 (70÷(1.6×1.6)). The age also plays a role in BMI. For a young adult, the normal BMI should be in-between 18.5 and 25. Overweight individuals have a BMI of 30 and over.

One may have a lot of muscle mass but it does not mean that they are imbued with strength. The ability to not feel uncomfortable while lifting somewhat heavy objects is the trait of a healthy and industrious individuals.

The agility and speed of an individual is also correlated to his/her fitness. It’s why races and marathons exist, to see who can use their agile muscles to reach a certain place in a short time.

Flexibility dictates how far a person can stretch his body and use his joints with litheness. The range of motion a joint depicts how physically fit a person is. When one feels pain or rigidity in stretching out the arms, legs, the shoulders, or the neck, it signals lack of physical activity.

Stamina determines how long a person can sustain a mental or physical effort. If you feel tired after running a few steps, you might need to extend your stamina with cardiovascular exercises.

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