fitness in Holi season

Worried about fitness in Holi season? Follow these steps to stay in shape!

With its rich culture and traditions, India celebrates a wide variety of festivals throughout the year. These festivals come with a range of delicious foods, and each has its own special food delight to offer.

As we are about to celebrate Holi quite soon, we all know we’re going to be conquered by the sweets and snacks. Are you worried that your summer diet will go off track? Well, you need not! We’ve brought you some simple tips to stay fit this Holi and avoid the regrets.

Follow these for steps to maintain fitness in Holi season:


Sweets can’t be ignored and we all know that. However, what we can do is set a calorie limit for the day. Experts suggest to keep a tab of it sincerely and pause if you’re close to the limit. We know it’s easier said than done, but definitely not impossible to follow!


Festival or no festival, keeping yourself hydrated is a must. Drink loads of water as it will also keep you stay full for longer. Moreover, you’ll be able to cut down extra calories that can be consumed from sweetened drinks.


Yes, you heard it right. Eating is not bad, over-eating is. Taste all the delicacies and avoid over-indulging in them. You will not be deprived of any of your favorite sweets by having a little bit of each of them!


Until the Holi craze remains, your gym memberships will be on hold. But, ensure that you compensate for that. Fit in small schedule workouts that you can do anytime in your room. Expert dieticians suggest to keep a slot for work-outs in the morning as the days in festivities are busier and tiring. Short and intense workouts like push-ups, crunches, planks, jumping jacks, among others can really help.


Sad truth! As much as you wish not to, stick to your diet. Always try to have cheat meals instead of cheat days. Experts suggest that if you indulge in a cheat meal, make sure that you go back to your diet in the next meal.

Remember that outworking a bad diet never works.Plan your day well and follow these tips for a healthier and tastier Holi.



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