Expert-backed ways for workout motivation

If adopting a healthier way of living has been your motive, but the thought workout leaves you distressed, external motivation is all what you need to focus on your goal. It is recommended that on an average people need to ensure at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week (that is about 20 minutes a day).

A little effort can surely help re-direct you to your fitness commitment and stick to your goals. Make your workout routine a habit with these expert-backed ways, helping you gear up for long haul:

  1. Keep a progress record

Keep a track of your progress and evaluate it frequently in a fixed time interval. Maintaining a fitness journal to jot down your workout plan can prove to be a helpful practice. It will assist you in achieving goals, and planning your future workouts. Having a clear understanding of the exercise habits will help you alter, and modify your workout plans.

  1. Get your workout gear ready

Preparing for your workout in advance is likely to trick you into forming a positive attitude. It not only prepares you for your upcoming fitness endeavor, but it also motivates you to exercise. “On workdays, I come home and change into my workout clothes before anything else, and on weekends I put them on first thing in the morning, that way I have no excuses later,” says a fitness expert.

  1. Plan your rewards

The ultimate reward that comes with exercising is physical fitness. The endorphins released when you work out, make you feel good, relaxed and accomplished. However, one can also create additional rewards to be motivated, like – cheat days, a day off or a spa session, etc. Rewarding yourself helps you be on track, and you also start working hard for earning the rewards.

  1. Don’t be unrealistic about the results

One of the biggest factors of demotivation is setting up unrealistic expectations. It becomes important to set the goals that align with your body type, and not against it. The key to setting a realistic goal is that you are informed about the results it will produce, which makes you stick to it. If you are investing time and effort to improve your health, you are already on your way to positive results.

  1. Get a workout partner

Having a workout partner can prove to be an extrinsic motivating factor. Working out with a mutual support system can make you look forward to your gym sessions. If you both align your goals, whether it is muscle gains or losing a few pounds, it can be a two-player activity making your workout more fun and engaging. This way the entire activity becomes more interactive rather as compared to working all by yourself.                                                                                                                          

These are some useful and easy to follow tips to help you on your path to fitness. Tracking your progress will help you stay focused, and keep working towards your goals. However, it becomes important to remember that being fit isn’t an overnight phenomenon and might take a few weeks of dedication and hard work. Thus, it becomes important to not lose hope and keep striving for your fitness goals.

Stay healthy! Stay fit! 


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