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Channel your inner yogini, know the best time for Yoga practice

One of the most popular ‘stay at home’ workouts, the ancient art of Yoga is practiced by a large number of people not only in its homeland, India, but also across the globe. While it is often deemed to be one of the best exercise regimens one can adopt for physical as well as mental health, the best time to do yoga is certainly not known to all.

Depending upon your objective behind choosing yoga as your preferred workout regimen, the best time for yoga practice might differ. At Doctors Clinic Blog, we bring you a concise guide to finding the best time for yoga. Take a look:


Spiritual Yoga

If you are performing yoga exercise for your spiritual well-being, there is no better time than Brahma Muhurta, i.e. in the wee hours of the day before sunrise.


Yoga for physical wellbeing

The best time for yoga to achieve physical well-being is at sunrise and sunset. You can choose the time that suits you the best according to your daily schedule.


Yoga at noon

Noon is not considered to the right time for practicing yoga, since most people have their meals during this time. For yoga to be effective, it is advised that one takes a gap of at least four to six hours before eating. Also, the increased heat during noon time can cause excessive sweating which may lead to dehydration.


Best time for aasanas

Aasanas can be performed either in the morning or during the evening on an empty stomach. One must refrain from performing challenging aasanas before bedtime since they energize you and may lead to trouble falling asleep.


Best time for pranayama

Wondering about the best time to perform pranayama? One can perform pranayama at sunrise and sunset. However, one must not perform pranayama within four hours of eating.


Best time for meditation

Meditation for peace can be performed at any time of the day. The best time to meditate is when you are calm, awake, and relaxed. However, one must wait for two hours after having a meal to meditate, in order to avoid feeling drowsy.


Make the best of your time at home by enhancing your mental and physical well-being through yoga!

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