What is Systematic lupus erythematous

What is Systematic lupus erythematous: It’s Causes and Treatment

Systematic lupus erythematous Meaning:

Lupus is an autoimmune disease characterized by acute and chronic inflammation of various tissues in the body. When the tissues of body are attacked by its own immune system, it leads to auto immune disease. The human body’s immune system is very complex, which is designed to fight the infection. However, people with lupus produce abnormal antibodies in their blood, which target tissues within their own body.

Furthermore, the antibodies accompanying cells of inflammation can affect tissues anywhere in the body, affecting a variety of areas. Sometimes it can cause skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, joints and nervous system disease.

 Systematic lupus erythematous  Symptoms:What is Systematic lupus erythematous

Although the symptoms keep changing over course of time, some of the common symptoms of Lupus include fatigue, joint pain, joint swelling, headache, hair loss, blood clotting, etc. There may be other symptoms as well, depending on which part of the body has been attacked. For example, digestive track, heart, skin, etc.

The symptoms of lupus make diagnosis tricky, as they can be the symptoms of many other diseases as well. In case, an individual has these symptoms, he must visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Systematic lupus erythematous  Treatment:

There is no cure for SLE. The treatment is intended to reduce the symptoms. It can vary, depending on the severity of the symptoms and which part of the body is affected by SLE. It generally includes:

  1. Anti-inflammatory medications for joint pain and stiffness.
  2. Steroid creams for rashes.
  3. Corticosteroids
  4. Anti-malarial drugs
  5. Disease modifying Drugs
  6. Targeted immune system agents

The diet and lifestyle will also be reviewed by the doctor. In order to reduce the symptoms, one may need to alter the eating habits.



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