Diabetes and Black Fungus

Diabetes and Black Fungus: Everything You Need To Know

There is a new menace in town! As India witnessed decreasing COVID cases, a new threat has emerged it seems. Black Fungus or Mucormycosis cases have been reported with increasing alarm in different parts of the country. According to health experts, the disease is prevalent amongst recovering COVID patients. They warned that people suffering from diabetes are potentially at risk. As doctors and health experts scramble to deal with it, let us examine the case up close.

COVID-19 affects all parts of our body, in particular, the immune system and weakens it to a point where just about any infection can prove fatal. This is what makes COVID patients and recovering individuals susceptible to black fungus. The stats are even worse for people with a history of diabetes. Diabetic patients who are suffering from COVID and on steroids are the most vulnerable, states Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, an esteemed Gastroenterologist.

“Having COVID-19 in the background of diabetes and steroid use, is a classic setting for triple immune suppression,” he says. He also confirmed the link between diabetes and black fungus and said that the presence of a large population of diabetic patients is worrying since it puts them under significant risk of catching the deadly fungal disease.

An uncontrolled blood sugar level in diabetic patients results in an ineffective immune system, which is unable to fight off pathogens like mucormycosis. Furthermore, high blood sugar, in itself, is conducive to fungal growth as fungus thrive on sugar and trace metals like zinc. The situation is compounded by slower tissue healing in diabetic patients sugar as dead tissues are favorable grounds for fungal growth.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is an age-old saying that has proved itself time and time again. The best defense against the deadly black fungus lies in taking care of your health and watching what you eat. This applies not just to diabetic patients but to healthy individuals as well. Controlling your diet and following hygienic practices will have to be our watch word in the days to come.

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