brain stroke meaning

What is a brain stroke and how can you prevent it

A brain stroke happens when an artery in the brain is blocked or leaks. This causes the brain cells to die due to lack of oxygen. The body parts that are controlled by that part of the brain feel numb. Also, the person experiences confusion and has trouble walking and seeing.

A stroke, if left untreated, can lead to life-long disability. It is recommended to receive medical treatment within a span of 3 hours. According to WebMD, a medical website, 93 per cent people knew that the symptoms were of a stroke, but only 38 per cent were aware of the fact that they should seek medical attention.

To understand brain stroke meaning better, following are the risk factors that you should not avoid:

  • Family history
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Being female
  • Being African-American

The risk factors of brain strokes can be controlled with preventive care and changes in your lifestyle.

Preventing strokes includes controlling high blood pressure using medication or in the worst case scenario, surgery. Regular exercise should always be a part of your routine. A diet that is nutritious and low in Sodium is preferred in order to keep the symptoms under control. Smoking and drinking are two of the biggest enemies. When it comes to prevention of strokes, you need to have a control on the number of cigarettes you smoke and the amount of alcohol you consume.

It is essential to understand brain stroke meaning in order to effectively avoid it from happening. Being proactive about these symptoms can help you go a long way and prevent a major problem from happening.

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