BeatO – Using Digital Technology To Overcome Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer which is affecting a very large portion of the world’s population. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) reports, an estimated 1.5 million deaths were directly linked to diabetes. Furthermore, between 2000 and 2016, premature mortality from diabetes saw an increase of 5%.

The chronic disease has consistently been a thorn in our side, prompting scientist and researchers to come up with innovative methods to combat it. Diabetes causes the suffering patient to be more susceptible to other health risks like hypoglycaemia. Treatment of the disease is just one phase of this fight. Nowadays, the management of the disease before it becomes a health risk is crucial as well.

BeatO, a smart diabetes management platform, is one of the many out there that helps patients track and manage this debilitating disease. A recent study conducted by it, which was also presented at the Asian ACPCON 2021, showed that digital health tools along with counselling could help reduce low blood sugar levels by at least 53.5%.

The study analysed the medical records of 7,514 diabetic patients in India for a period of 11 months. All the selected patients had previously undergone a counselling session with a certified professional on BeatO. The following months were used to assess the impact of the programme on hypoglycaemia risk.

According to a release, up to 81% of the total patients did not show any signs of hypoglycaemia for the duration of the study.

This was attributed to the counselling programme offered by the platform. Fasting, post-prandial, pre-prandial and random readings saw reductions of 53.5%, 47.4%, 39.3% and 39.2% respectively. The study also discovered that 80% of the patients who showed improvements chiefly belonged to the 40 and above bracket.

The study is concrete evidence that BeatO’s digital platform can indeed support diabetic patients in the management of their blood sugar levels and keep low sugar risks in check. BeatO’s digital model consists of a smartphone-connected glucometer for self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). Also included are real-time sessions with certified health practitioners.

This episode is a clear example of how far technology has come and the benefits it can bring to the healthcare system. As the saying goes ‘Health is wealth’, BeatO is certainly taking it to heart.

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