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Transparency and accountability in Medical Education System

NMC Bill to ensure transparency and accountability in Medical Education System, says Narendra Modi

Referring to the controversies going around over the issue of National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019, Narendra Modi said that this is a reform that will bring great benefits in the medical field in the long run which looks forward to correcting the ongoing problems.

In a recent interview with IANS, Modi cleared the rumors about the controversial legislation saying that the aim of the government with respect to healthcare is clear and it “wants to initiate a more transparent medical system”.

The NMC Bill will be a replacement for the Medical Commission of India. The Government is bringing in the NMC to regulate all sectors of the medical profession, education, and institutions. However, according to the statements made by medical practitioners, it is necessary to amend some sections of the bill. Otherwise, the medical education and healthcare services will suffer huge degradation.

In the interview, Prime Minister said, “When we formed the government in 2014, there were many concerns about the existing system of medical education…A parliamentary committee did rigorous study and took a very dull view of the state of affairs in medical education. It pointed out mismanagement, lack of transparency and arbitrariness…We decided to go through with it [reforms] because this is not a matter that can be taken lightly, as it concerns the health of our people and future of our youth.”

Further, he affirmed that the bill has been brought forth only after the recommendations of an expert committee. The committee was specially dedicated to check what is plaguing the medical education system in India. They carefully analyzed the system to highlight the areas that needed improvement.

Focusing on the advantages of the NMC, PM Modi asserted that the NMC is a far-reaching amendment in this space. It contains multiple reforms that stop the avenues of corruption and improve transparency. He added that the bill will ensure accountability, transparency, and quality in the governance of medical education in the country.

The NMC Bill, PM announced aims to lessen the burden on students, reduce the cost of medical education and lead to a rise in the number of medical seats in the country.

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