Evolving face of healthcare was something which was discussed at the TechSparks 2019, at the 10th Edition of the India’s largest startup conference. The conversations, discussions, and announcements highlighted the relationship between technology and healthcare.

Discussing the theme, ‘India 2025 – Inclusive, Future-ready, Intelligence-led’ it was essential to focus on the healthtech initiatives. As the healthcare Indian startups got together to have a panel discussion on ‘Disruptive HealthTech Space’ there were a lot of insightful comments which were made at the occasion.

As we all are aware that the healthcare industry in India is flourishing as it yearns the highest revenue and employment. Well trained medical professionals, high-tech equipment and medical devices have changed the image of the Indian healthcare industry. The tie-up of health and technology has improved the access to healthcare in India.

Anjana Sasidharan moderated the panel discussion with Sequoia, Principal and other affluent entrepreneurs like Pooja Rao who is the Head of Research and Development at, Cofounder of 1Mg- Gaurav Agarwal and Jyotsna Pattabiraman who is the founder and CEO of Grow Fit.

These startups have altered the image of healthcare and healthtech in India. Grow Fit which is a Bengaluru-based startup is a mobile health companion that focuses not only on physical health but read behavioral insights in order to achieve complete wellness for the users. Focusing on the rising demand for healthcare these startups use data science which is highly important for consultation, disease progression and disease prediction.

Gaurav Agarwal, while talking about 1Mg, emphasized the need to understand the human psyche meeting the needs of the healthcare consumers. Jyotsana emphasizing on mental health said that,

“Predicting the future is difficult. Health is an emotional experience. You cannot have one healthy meal and be done with it – health has to be present in every stage of life.”

The conclusion of the panel emphasized on the easy accessibility of healthcare and how technology could bring the doctors closer to patients.

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