New shoe for healthcare professionals by Nike

New shoe designed for healthcare professionals by Nike

Leading shoe manufacturer Nike has recently designed a new shoe— Air Zoom Pulse, mainly for the medics, nursing staff, home health providers and other medical experts. In order to test the product, and on-the-ground product testing was conducted by the company. It considered the medical worker’s insights while manufacturing new shoes.

In an official news release, Nike stated that they had “everyday heroes” mainly in mind. The company undertook detailed research and study of the ones in the medical profession from the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. A number of factors like the long working hours on feet, rigorous everyday activities, long shifts, etc, were taken into consideration as a part of this research.

As per reports, nursing staff needs to walk approximately four to five miles daily, sitting for less than an hour during their 12-hour shifts.

Air Zoom Pulse is designed in a way to eliminate the physically and mentally demanding challenges faced by healthcare professionals. It is easy to wear and simple to clean as well. It’s fit and design aim at ensuring the proper positioning of your foot in all hospital conditions.

“The fit, cushioning and traction systems work together to secure the foot in all hospital conditions,” Nike said.

It can also safeguard the wearers from the “unforeseen peculiarities of life in the hospital.”  The shoe comes in a coated toe box for protection against any spills, as well as good traction.

Additionally, the shoe also has a laceless upper and elastic strap for keeping the heels in an ideal position. “This makes the shoe easy to get on with one hand. It has a durable, full-rubber outsole with a sole that provides traction even when liquid or water is present,” a spokesperson of the company added.

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