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Majority of healthcare professionals in India use digital health records: FHI report 2019

As per the 15-country Future Health Index (FHI) 2019 report by Royal Philips, more than 75% of healthcare professionals are currently using digital health records (DHRs). This has led to a major advancement in the paradigm of India’s healthcare industry.

The report shows that India has emerged as the leader in the adoption of digital health technology. Statistics reveal that the country meets the 15-country average, considering when the usage of Artificial Intelligence within healthcare at 46%.

Talking about the aspect of digital health in India, Rohit Sathe, President – Philips Healthcare, Indian Subcontinent said, “According to Philips’ Future Health Index 2019 report, digital health technology is a major pillar in providing quality care across the healthcare continuum in India. Tools like telehealth and adaptive intelligence (AI) solutions can help in bridging the barriers between hospitals and patients, thus ensuring access to care and enhancing the overall patient experience, mainly in the tier-II & III cities in India.  We hope that the insights from this report will help key stakeholders in designing and implementing robust and sustainable health systems in the country.”

Furthermore, majority of the healthcare experts in India are said to share patient information with other professionals inside their health facility, which is equivalent to the number of healthcare professionals who share patient information electronically across the 15-country average.

Most of the healthcare experts using DHRs in their practice have reported a favorable impact on the quality of medical care, healthcare professional satisfaction, and patient outcomes, in comparison with the 15-country average of 69%, 64%, and 59% respectively.

The report further stated that more than 60% of healthcare experts in India believe that access to health data has a major impact on the patient’s overall experience. Having the details of test results, medications, scans, etc, is said to reassure patients to an extent.

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