India leaving no stone unturned to prevent Corona Virus

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19) has been one of the pressing concerns around the globe in the recent times. First detected in Wuhan city of China, the symptoms of which include common cold and respiratory syndrome, the new virus has so far killed over 1000 people in China and more than 60,000 people worldwide.

In India, out of around 1700 people who have been tested, three confirmed cases have been reported. However, the government is trying every way possible to prevent the epidemic.

“We started taking action on this in the middle of January, at least two weeks before the World Health Organisation declared it as an emergency international concern,” said Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

Various measures are being undertaken to keep the situation in check. Ever since the outbreak of the virus, around 2000 flights have been screened. Passengers coming from mainland China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and South Korea are being surveyed in depth through thermal screening and keeping track of them through integrated disease surveillance program.

Additionally, over 15 laboratories have been set up and according to the Health Minister, the country has the capability to set up around over 30 more if required. In its bid to curb the virus, the government has also invalidated the existing visas of foreign nationals coming to India from China. Local airlines have been temporarily refrained from flying to China.

Vikram Misri, Ambassador of India to China, recently announced that India will soon be sending a consignment of medical supplies to help China grapple with this outbreak. “This is a concrete measure which will fully demonstrate the goodwill, solidarity and friendship of the people and government of India with the Chinese people,” he added.


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