Cipla announces expansion of partnership with Roche Pharma India for oncology medicines

Cipla announces expansion of partnership with Roche Pharma India for oncology medicines

In an attempt to improve the access of its key oncology medicines in India, Roche Pharma India recently announced the expansion of its partnership with Cipla, a global pharmaceutical firm.

In its official statement, Roche Pharma India stated that it has entered into a “distribution agreement with Cipla to expand the scope of the partnership to include, marketing and distribution of its trademark oncology drugs – trastuzumab (Herclon), bevacizumab (Avastin) and rituximab (Ristova) in India.”

Prior to this, it was two years back that Roche and Cipla signed a similar agreement for promoting and distributing tocilizumab (Actemra) and other products.

Following the announcement, there was an increase in the shares of Cipla, which rose by 0.16%. As per the new agreement between the two companies, the marketing and distribution of Roche Pharma’s oncology drugs would be done by Cipla.

Nikhil Chopra, Executive Vice President and CEO of Cipla, appreciated the new alliance between the two companies. According to him, this new partnership is sure to bring innovative oncology medication to the country. He further believes that this new alliance reflects Cipla’s firm dedication and commitment to cater to the unmet needs of patients in the country.

“This (pact) represents Cipla’s unwavering commitment to address the unmet needs of cancer patients through an enhanced portfolio of offerings in this space”, added Chopra.

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