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Bharat Biotech conveys its deep interest in reviving IVC

Leading biotechnology company Bharat Biotech International is looking to join hands with the government to boost and revive Integrated Vaccine Complex, one of India’s biggest vaccine projects located in Tamil Nadu built by HLL Biotech Limited and funded by the government. Due to cash crunch, the project, despite its launch, has been unable to start its operation.

In its recent letter to the Union health minister Harsh Vardhan, Bharat Biotech International has proposed to make investment in the vaccine complex. The proposal has come with the company’s interest in collaborating with HLL Lifecare. “The objective of this communication is to convey our deep interest and commitment to work with HLL Lifecare to manufacture and market several of our vaccines,” the company mentioned in the letter. To achieve this goal, it is looking to work on a phase-wise technology.

IVC was formulated in 2008 with an objective to produce vaccines for the National Immunization Programme. With a planned budget of 585 million per year, the project proposed to make five in one, combination vaccine, BCG vaccine and vaccines to prevent measles, hepatitis B, human rabies, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and Japanese encephalitis (JE) in the first phase, which was to be commissioned by 2010. However, due to the shortage of funds, the project is still struggling to come in operation.

Bharat Biotech has offered its partnership for rotavirus, JE (Japanese encephalitis), rabies and Hepatitis B vaccines. “Our company is ready to engage in a dialogue with HLL Lifecare on all aspects of the collaboration, both commercial and technical,” the company wrote in its letter to the health minister.

The Health Ministry is currently eyeing on several options including Bharat Biotech’s proposal to revive IVC. Once it gives a nod to the proposal, it will be further taken to the cabinet for approval.

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