Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence entails a radical change in healthcare sector

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by a storm. Its impact can be seen in almost every sphere, with healthcare being no exception.

A recent survey of more than 220 healthcare executives by Accenture, provided an analysis of the emerging technologies. As a part of the survey, blockchain, extended reality, and quantum computing were termed under DARQ. The survey also analyzed the impact of existing digital technologies on healthcare.

Apparently, virtual augmented and mixed realities (Extended reality) has made a major mark on the healthcare sector. It has been adopted by more than 35% of respondents at one or more units.

The survey further highlighted that the majority of those surveyed believe DARQ to have a revolutionary impact on their organizations in the upcoming years. Moreover, 40% of executives expect AI to have a huge effect within the next three years. In case that happens, specialists like Zebra Medical Vision and larger, top-notch technology firms like Google’s sister company Verily are expected to be among the beneficiaries.

As per Accenture, artificial intelligence will help in the diagnosis of medical conditions. Apart from DARQ, the survey has recognized the potential efficacy of 5G. It is believed to be one of the most effective emerging technologies.

Considering the potential of 5G in carrying out deliveries through drones or enabling swift video transmissions, it is sure to expand the horizons of the healthcare industry.

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