Russian vaccine update: First batch of COVID-19 vaccine to be released in 2 weeks

The Russian Health Ministry recently enlisted the first coronavirus antibody. The immunization, named Sputnik V, was created mutually by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian guard service.
The first batch of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 is expected to be released within two weeks, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Wednesday.



“Within two weeks, the first batch of the vaccine will be released,” Murashko said at a press conference.
“The vaccination will be voluntary anyway. Some of those doctors who already have immunity against the coronavirus, there are around 20 per cent, i think they do not need vaccination, it will be up to them to decide,” Murashko assured.

While covering Russians’ needs is a priority, the vaccine could also be exported abroad, the health minister added.
“The vaccine certainly has some export potential, and we will certainly offer it [to foreign countries], but the domestic market needs are our priority,” Murashko said.

In spite of several vulnerabilities over the achievement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his legislature has affirmed the world’s first coronavirus immunization. Despite the concerns that the product has not been tested properly, his daughter has been vaccinated.

“I know that it works quite effectively, forms strong immunity, and, I repeat, it has passed all the needed checks,” Putin said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.
He said that one of his two daughters had been given the drug and was feeling well, according to the Associated Press, adding that he hoped that the mass production of the vaccine would begin soon.
Researchers outside Russia have raised criticalconcerns about the alleged Gamaleya antibody, named after the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow where it is being created.

russian vaccine update

The worries originate from the fact that the antibody has not experienced stage 3 preliminaries, which are viewed as fundamental to ensure safety of a vaccine.

There were across the board reports a month ago that researchers at the Gamaleya Institute had infused themselves with the prototype to speed up the development, and hurried through other tests.

Russia’s Association of Clinical Research Organizations said that the decision of the researchers to infuse themselves was an “unrefined infringement of the very establishments of clinical exploration, Russian law, and all around acknowledged global guidelines,” as per the Associated Press.

Stage 3 preliminaries, which typically include a large number of members, will rather start after the vaccine received regulatory approval, Reuters announced.

Russian government sources disclosed to Reuters a month ago that health workers would be offered the vaccine on a voluntary basis after it receives regulatory approval.

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