Heart patients and COVID-19

Heart patients more prone to experience severe symptoms of COVID-19

The American Heart Association recently advised caution for people who have any heart disease or have survived a stroke. As per their research, elderly people with coronary heart disease or hypertension are prone to more severe symptoms. Stroke survivors are also at an increased risk.

Examining the current scenario, health authorities have suggested to follow the most recent guidance by leading global, national and local health officials. Indian Health ministry has also suggested that if you have any heart condition then you should protect yourself by staying at home, and minimise contact with people for a few weeks.

Wearing a mask if you have a heart condition is not recommended as it may make breathing more difficult. Everyone in household must self-isolate themselves if any member experiences any symptoms of the virus. Witnessing the rapid spread of coronavirus among the communities, doctors asked not to ignore any symptoms and seek medical consultation for prevention.

Health officials have advised people to maintain healthy eating habits for a strong immune system and recommended special diet for healthy patients.

  • Canned meats like light tuna or white meat chicken (salt-free)
  • Dried beans and legumes
  • Dried fruits and vegetables (with low or no salt and sugar options)
  • Dried whole grains like brown rice and quinoa

They also mentioned some ways to manage stress at home:

  • Use an unexpected change of pace to practice mindful eating
  • Establish a new bedtime or morning routine
  • Establish a new bedtime or morning routine
  • Manage a stressful circumstance by managing your sleep schedule or with some tech tweaks

Over 1 million Corona positive cases and several deaths are already reported across the globe. A lot of countries including India are under a lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic.

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