Fend off coronavirus by resorting to yoga asanas!

Fend off coronavirus by resorting to yoga asanas!

With the concern over Covid-19 virus rising, people with low immune system have an added worry of being more prone to the infectious disease. Moreover, research has found that Covid-19 patients who have hypertension are more susceptible to death compared to others who don’t have this problem, thus they have higher the risk of getting severe complications. However, that does not mean that one should be panicking and getting stressed over. Instead, it is time for those people to take due care of their health by eating healthy and performing yoga. The multitudinous benefits of yoga are well-known with its effects on both physical and mental health and fortunately, at this point in time when the entire world is facing an unprecedented ordeal, it has once again come as one of the best resorts to help us tackle the pandemic.

Uttanasana where you stand forward by bending your body with head support, tends to improve your blood flow to the brain and upper parts of the body. This may seem like a simple task but it improves your digestion as well as enhance your blood pressure levels – something that determines your susceptibility towards coronavirus. Secondly, studies have claimed that pranayama is also highly beneficial during the course of your recovery. With lots of stress over the deadly disease, this breathing exercise will help in reducing the stress levels and enables you to stay calm. This is in fact based on several personal experiences of recovered Covid-19 patients for whom fear and anxiety were the constant companions when they initially got tested positive.

However, this doesn’t only pertain to the patients. With adherence to social distancing measures, many people are unable to meet their kith and kin, increasing number of people are facing loneliness and depression and as much as our physical health, it is equally important to take care of our mental wellbeing for which yoga plays a vital role.

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