Covid-19 and pregnancy

Covid-19 and pregnancy: Joining the invisible dots

The pandemic outbreak has changed our lives and shaken up the world in a way we have never imagined. Worse, there is nothing much we can do other than maintaining social distance, abiding by the prevention protocols and making sure that we remain informed. However, as women, there is an added concern of how the virus will affect your health taking pregnancy, sexual health, and menopause into consideration.

In fact, the pandemic has instilled anxiety and fear among many pregnant women that would force them to be separated from their new-born. However, the inevitable question lies – Are pregnant women more susceptible to coronavirus? The answer is no because so far, no definitive evidence has been gathered. There is also no evidence to claim that the virus can be transmitted from infected mother to foetus during pregnancy.

However, since the immune system of women is suppressed during pregnancy, it is highly suggested to visit your gynaecologist should any mild symptom occur in order to prevent further complications in pregnancy. Additionally, even though there has been no report suggesting that the virus doesn’t pass via breast-milk, for breastfeeding mothers, it is still crucial to take necessary precautions such as washing their hands and wearing a facemask while nursing their baby. In case a woman has already recovered from the virus before giving birth, well, the good news is, her body will have developed antibodies against the virus which will be passed to her infant through breast-milk thus making it more immune against the virus.

Notwithstanding the lack of evidence that claims pregnant women are more prone to coronavirus, it is still recommended ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself from getting ill that includes avoiding crowded areas. Considering the rush in hospitals and hence, susceptibility of getting infected, many pregnant women have been considering opting for home births. However, experts’ response on this matter is mixed. While some believe “planned home births can be a good option for pregnant person who is healthy and has a low-risk of complications”, others believe that if complications occur in home births, infant mortality rate is higher.

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