COVID-19 Pandemic: Special care for diabetic patients

The threat of COVID-19 has come as a major challenge for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes. It has become difficult for the healthcare providers to offer effective and sustained medical services to them.

As per medical studies, diabetic patients face an increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 and associated medical conditions with a higher mortality rate. The virus can lead to serious problems, like pneumonia or even death in a few cases.

People suffering from health problems, particularly the elderly with diseases like Diabetes or hypertension are in the high-risk group to develop serious illnesses if they catch the virus. Health experts recommend that diabetic patients must undertake extra precautions to safeguard themselves from catching the virus. Primarily, they suggest having a stock of medications like insulin and supplies for monitoring blood glucose at home. Diabetic people infected with the virus may see severe effects on their glycaemic control as well.

Listed below are the effective ways in which diabetic patients can avoid any severe medical condition:  

  • Monitor your blood glucose level on a regular basis
  • Measure your body temperature in case you feel discomfort
  • If you intake insulin, don’t forget to monitor your ketone bodies
  • Follow your doctor’s advice
  • Stay Hydrated

Symptoms of coronavirus mostly show up after a few days of getting infected with the virus. However, in some cases, it can take around 14 days for the symptoms to show. The virus can stay in your surroundings ranging from a few hours to some days. Touching infected surfaces and then the mouth or nose is considered as the most common way of transmission.

Infected people should be kept in a well-ventilated room and maintain a distance of at least one meter from the rest of the people. Adopting good hygiene and washing hands with soap and water can help in safeguarding you from the deadly virus.

Stay healthy! Stay safe!


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