Coronavirus vaccines to enter the phase of human trials

Coronavirus vaccines to enter the phase of human trials

In an attempt to prevent COVID-19 spread and develop a vaccine for it, there are presently seven frontrunners, which are ready for human trials. The world is currently battling against the novel coronavirus. Several nations are making rigorous efforts to develop its vaccine. As per a few reports, the best way possible as per the current scenario is to develop a strong immunity in people to survive against this deadly virus.

Immunity can be boosted naturally for which a large population would have to get infected or it can be induced into humans through worldwide vaccination programmes.

The novel coronavirus outbreak is very well matched by equally rapid advances made in the healthcare sector. It’s been a few months that this virus surfaced in humans, and scientists are able to launch initiatives to identify and generate vaccines to reduce the pace of virus spread.

As per the World Health Organisation’s global database of research about COVID-19 virus, there are presently 7 vaccine candidates being tried on humans. However, accurate vaccine research is a long process and it majorly involves minimum three phases of clinical, or human trials. The number of people who receive an experimental vaccine increases at every stage with the primary goal of testing for safety, side-effects, and mainly the ability to boost the immunity. As per a few opinions, it can even take a time span of a decade.

In India, there are 6 companies working on various stages of pre-clinical vaccine development research. Researchers and experts estimate that the coronavirus vaccine is approximately a year-and-a-half away.

Recently, Serum Institute of India also declared to manufacture Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine and expecting successful clinical trials by September or October in the UK. However, there is a hope of starting trials in India in the upcoming few weeks.

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