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Top 5 Health Tips to Avoid Illness during Season Change

The changing season can prove to be really harsh for a working individual. If you catch the common cold or fever, it can keep you sick for a week or more. Luckily, there are simple but effective ways to avoid that ordeal. Here are five tips to stay healthy and avoid the flu during the unfavourable weather. Following top 5 health tips will help: 

Sweat it Out
Working out makes sure that you expel toxins from your body. You fall sick because toxins, bacteria and other harmful microscopic entities decide to have house party in your body. When you sweat, you force them out of the house.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather
Enjoying the extremes of the seasons is fun. Some love the monsoon shower while others enjoy the cold kisses of the south wind. Either way, not covering up properly can invite fever. The common cold and other weather-related maladies can be difficult to conquer in the season transition, so avoid getting them in the first place!    

Get Some Fresh Air
Staring at your screen in a Hunchback of Notre Dame position will severely affect your spinal cord. Moreover, the indoors will only provide you only stale air. It’s better to take a walk outside after a 2 hour break. This will reduce your stress levels as well.    

Keep Your Mind Busy
Too much stress is a Trojan horse for your immune system. Take a time-out from your work to shoot some bad guys on your PS4. A better idea would be to work your body in a good game of basketball or football. 

Your whole body relaxes and heals when you go to bed. Lack of sleep can result in considerable damage to your brain and body. It can make you slothful, which hampers your concentration at work. Sleep for at least eight hours every night to avoid this problem.    

Want to add more than these top 5 health tips in the list? Let us know! 

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