health problems caused due to stress

Major health problems caused due to Stress

Stress is the body’s reaction which gets triggered by the pressures of everyday responsibilities at work and at home. It is the outcomes of any regular or sudden change that requires an adjustment or physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress often leads to several health issues like headaches, upset stomach, and Insomnia. Several researches have revealed that stress also can bring on certain severe diseases.The major health problems caused due to stress are :


  • Heart disease

Researchers have long suspected that the stressed persons have a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. Stress can directly increase heart rate and blood flow, and causes the release of cholesterol into the blood stream which is very harmful for the human body.

Heart Disease



  • Obesity

Excess fat in the belly seems to pose greater health risks and unfortunately, that’s just where people with high stress seem to store it. Stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol that seems to increase the amount of fat that’s deposited in the abdomen.


  • Asthma

Many studies have shown that stress can make the effect of asthma worse. Some evidence suggests that a parent’s chronic stress can also increase the risk of developing asthma in their children. The kids with stressed out parents also had a substantially higher risk of developing asthma in them.




  • Diabetes

Stress increases the likelihood of bad behaviors, such as unhealthy eating and excessive drinking and also raises the glucose levels of people with type 2 diabetes directly.  This can worsen the effect of diabetes.


Stress is the negative energy which often occurs when a person fails to fulfill the responsibilities and challenges of daily life. The tension starts to build when a person experience overworked situation and lack of relief and relaxation in life. Dr. Ashima Shukla suggests taking timely counseling to eliminate the impact of stress in our life. A stress free life gives you a long and healthy life.

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