Dr. Deepak Raheja

Why prevention of depression is better than its cure?

Feeling low once in a while is normal, but when a sense of despair and meaninglessness of life engulfs someone for a longer period of time, it is dangerous. The person loses all interest in daily activities; his/her hygiene goes for a toss. It becomes difficult to cope in the personal and professional world. It is an alarming situation of Clinical Depression. Dr. Deepak Raheja, Director of Hope Care, an organization which has been helping so many people suffering from mental disorders and substance abuse since the time of its conception in 2004, believes that apart from medication and psychiatric help, certain preventive measures for depression can be very helpful.

Dr. Raheja suggests the following measures to stop depressive mental states.

Dr. Deepak Raheja

Stay away from loneliness: It has been observed that people who remain isolated are more likely to fall in the trap of depression. Support of family and friends is helpful in such situations. It is necessary for the person suffering from depression to reach out to the world around for emotional outburst.

Be active: Engaging in productive physical activities and sports is the best way to ward off gloomy feelings. Avoid sitting idle. You could get yourself enrolled in a sports club. Also, you could indulge in reading, cooking, jogging, yoga or any other form of recreation.

Let it go: If a recent mental trauma like the death of a loved one or a divorce is the cause of your depression, remember that holding back your emotions won’t help. It’s important to cry for a while and get purged.

Say no to peer pressure: Negative peer pressure should be avoided. Keep away from people who drag you into drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption. Take inspiration from others for their good habits and don’t budge from your principles easily when cajoled.

For a person going through Clinical Depression all these steps are easier said than done, so the most important factor is the love and compassion of family members and alleviation of stigma around mental disorders.

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