Embryo adoption- A new way to have baby

The joy of giving birth to a child is one of the most beautiful experiences for couples but there are many couples who are physically unable to experience this joy. This is the problem known as ‘infertility’ which has affected many families but with the change of time this issue has got resolved with ‘Embryo adoption’.

This is a treatment which has helped in solving the problem aroused due to infertility issue. It is one of the ways of treating infertility through vitro fertilization, which is the basis of making adopting an embryo possible. When a couple tries in vitro fertilization in best IVF centers, egg and sperm are combined in a laboratory setting to create embryos. These embryos are then frozen using a cryogenic process which helps in keeping the embryo alive. Only one of these embryos is implanted, and the rest embryos are preserved in freezer for future use for the couple to make a decision for. If the couple denies having more children, they can donate the embryos to be used by an infertile couple

With the help of Embryo adoption, a couple who cannot conceive on their own gets the ability to carry and give birth to baby and can create a family of their own. Embryo adoption is a technological miracle for the childless couples who are unable to give birth to child. At the same time, it is also a fulfilling and satisfying experience for the parents who play the role of donor.

Adopting an embryo is much similar to adopting a child, with the difference that with the embryo you will also be giving birth to the child. Though finding such couples who can donate embryos is a bit complicated task but Mothecare Maternity clinic & Surgical Nursing Home can help you in getting over the issues related to infertility.

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