Tips To Manage Teeth Grinding

Do you wake with a sore sensation in your teeth and jaws? This is a common symptom of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. This frequent scrunching of the jaws and grinding of the teeth may crop up at any age.

Teeth grinding is generally done unconsciously while taking a sound sleep, but it can also take place while you are wide awake. During the daytime, someone who is trying to focus on a task will repeatedly stick his teeth together and apply force with the help of a contraction of the jaw muscles. This is usually related to the everyday jobs of lifting weighty objects, reading, driving and writing. While sleeping, it appears as clenching and periodic contractions. The most frequent indication of teeth grinding is a headache. As per the Bruxism Association, people who crush their teeth are three times more prone to be ill with headaches.

According to Chisel Dental Clinic, other symptoms consist of muscle aches, swelling of facial muscles, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) distress, firmness of the shoulders and neck, ear tenderness and sleep disorders. The teeth are unfavorably affected and show odd wear and mobility. This results in breakage and loss of teeth. Smoking, stress, depression, anxiety, heavy consumption of alcohol & caffeine, and sleep disorders are all potential reasons for teeth grinding. However, there is still no strong evidence to directly support any reason.

The finest way to guard your teeth from the fracture is to put on an occlusal appliance. These appliances are known by several names, such as night guards, occlusal splints, bite plates, occlusal bite guards and bruxism appliances. These are custom-built, specially fitted artificial mouthpieces that fix over your top or bottom teeth. Wearing any of these coverings will trim down jaw muscle pain and shield both your teeth and temporomandibular joint.

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