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4 diet food that can protect your oral health

In order to avoid any severe affect on our oral health, we must consider our dietary choices carefully. Try having following healthy eating habits to prevent teeth cavities:

  • Must include fruits and vegetables in your diet

An apple has the power to stimulate saliva flow, which wash away the harmful acids from the surface of your teeth. Having crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery, pears, and lettuce can help in increasing the production of saliva.

Fruits and vegetables


  • Eat calcium and phosphorus rich foods

Eating foods rich in calcium and phosphorous like milk, cheese, nuts, and chicken can help in building strong teeth. These minerals are used to repair the damage happen to the teeth’s enamel.

Calcium riched food

  • Avoid excessive intake of sugary snacks

Most of us have a habit of eating sweet and sugary stuffs in our meals. But not all of us know that these cookies, cakes, candies, and other sugary treats provide a feast for the acid-producing bacteria in our mouth. Furthermore, these foods get stuck in the ridges of our teeth and provide a breeding ground for many more bacteria.

sugary snack


  • Acidic foods can be harmful

Foods high in acidity like citrus fruits, berries, peaches, tomatoes and lemons etc. wear away the enamel of our teeth. As they are an important part of a healthy diet, so we must brush our teeth swish with a mouth rinse after eating them in order to protect our teeth.

Acidic Food

Eating well is an essential part of keeping your oral health perfect. Dentists of Cedar Dental Care also recommends regular dental check up at least every 6 months and adopting habit of flossing after taking food in order to avoid bacteria lingering in your mouth.


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