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Basanti Choudhary (40)
Studies Show Music Therapy Could Improve Social Skills Among Children With Autism

Basanti has been in the healthcare industry for over five years. Aside from performing tasks as a digital marketer and social media expert, he is a professional journalism graduate with exceptional experiences on healthcare issues, business ventures, and current trends that pose as a significant factor in the development of India as a globalized nation, and competitive workforce.

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Peter Kanan (22)
Coffee Biofuel Might Become The Next Clean Gasoline – A Much Cleaner Air To Breathe

Peter's strategic journalism quest started back in 2014 when he finished his degree in the Indian Institue of Journalism and New Media. Through the years working as a field reporter, his significant attachment to the current ups and downs in the Indian Healthcare System led him to take part in Doctor's Clinic Blog's Mission. Today, he contributes highly researched facts that aim to expand the understanding of every citizen.

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Ujwal Sunder (39)
Chemical Ingredients Of Skin Whiteners Found To Cause Dermatological Problems, Doctors Advise Caution On Using Products

With the healthcare system poses as a significant factor in the progress of every nation, one must take on the initiative to record and expand possibilities. As a professional journalist with years of experiences in the field of healthcare system both in India and the world, I analyze every aspect released by authorities and quantify its purpose whether is poses as an advantage or disadvantage. Further, necessary suggestions and opinions are my primaries to guide people towards healthy living.

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Vijay Tara (26)
Veterinarians Cite More Factors Contributing To Pet Obesity

Vijay is a lifestyle blogger and journalist from New Delhi. During her stint towards her degree of mass communication, Vijay participates in the global healthcare trends via her self-maintained lifestyle blog. Since 2015, Vijay has been through multiple news websites as a freelance contributor, and later then, found her home with Doctor's Clinic Blog India. Today, she is a regular contributor to DCBI's news portal and aims to contribute to the further development of India's healthcare system.

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Daniel Martin (83)
High FHS levels restricting your chance at pregnancy? Time you seek professional help!

Daniel is our UK-based freelance Editor. As part of our quest towards credible news, Doctor's Clinic Blog India affiliates with individuals from other parts of the world to provide an in-depth focus on essential topics. Daniel received his degree from the University of Sheffield, and since then, worked to multiple sites as a freelance contributor and editor.

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