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Mosquitoes are known to be quite dangerous, and thus, when these blood-sucking and infectious creatures are on the attack, you need to protect yourself as well as your family. However, Use of mosquito repellents like UNICA DENGUE PROTECTION is the most common way to keep these creatures away from biting you.

Most mosquito repellents consist of DEET, otherwise known as N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, which has principally been considered as ‘safe’ when used according to the instructions. Although there has been scores of controversies debating on the safety of these mosquito repellents. It is believed that the mosquitoes have become resistant to the typical burning coils and mats.

Tips To Use Mosquito Repellents During Pregnancy

  • As mosquitoes get attracted to dark colors, try to cover up maximum areas of body with clothes, preferably with light-colored cotton clothes!
  • Apply repellent in surroundings and even on your clothes rather than applying it directly onto your skin.
  • You can go for natural or herbal remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes, for example burning earthen lamps containing neem oil or applying citronella oil on your body.
  • Do not spray out anything that indirectly comes in contact with your face. The aerosol sprays can enter eyes or simply be inhaled.

Few safe and natural mosquito repellents that can be used are:

  • Burning eucalyptus, citronella or lemongrass candles out of the Baby’s reach wards off the mosquitoes.
  • Lavender candles can be of great help.

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  • Burning clay lamps using neem oil also benefits in keeping the mosquitoes away.

Chop and sprinkle garlic on the outdoors of living area, it is a tested natural way to fend off mosquitoes.

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