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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Currently, heart related diseases have become a lot more common than they were earlier. Due to the unhealthy lifestyles, eating habits and stress, even youngsters are not untouched from heart problems.

Heart problems can cause serious illnesses and lower the quality of life. Heart related diseases are fatal and can be very expensive for their treatment requires extremely expensive equipment and advanced technologies.

However following a few steps can lower the risk of heart related diseases. Therefore for the prevention of heart problems that can cripple your life; follow these few simple tips given below:

Watch what you eat

Under the work pressure and busy schedules, we rarely keep track of our eating habits and end up eating a lot of unhealthy food items. The first step you can take against this is, start keeping a track of what you eat throughout your day. Notice the unhealthy items that you consume and exclude them from your diet, incorporating healthy snacks in between such as fruits, wholegrain cookies instead of eating fried food items rich with saturated fats.

Quit those annoying habits

Smoking and drinking are two unhealthy habits that affect the overall health of your body. They cause problems in your respiratory system, immune system and consequentially become foundational grounds for coronary heart disease. Quit smoking and drinking, or lower their consumption to improve the quality of your life.

Control those numbers

Heart problems are preceded by minor medical conditions such as BP and diabetes which makes keeping the numbers of your cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar in control extremely essential. Start getting regular checkups for these and consult your doctor on how to keep them under control.

Check that line

It is a matter of common knowledge that obesity increases the chances of facing heart related problems but experts from Shushrusha Hospital Nerul have stated that even carrying too much weight around the middle of your waist can increase the risk of heart problems. Fat around the middle of waist affects blood lipids and causes hyperlipidemia in which the levels of lipids are increased to an extent that can   damage your heart and cause cardiovascular disease. Therefore watch your waistline for excessive fat.

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