How to cure autism naturally and its problem in India

Occuring initially in early childhood, autism is a developmental disorder. In this article we’ll discuss the about the autism problem in India and about how to cure autism naturally.

Autism generally affects the behavior, way of talking and social skills of a child. Parents often refuse to believe diagnosis of autism in young children and lead to a delay in therapies to help the children. A study by the top neurologist at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) shows that at least one in 89 children aged between two and nine years have been diagnosed with autism in India.

how to cure autism naturally

The exact cause of autism is still unknown. However, the specialists listed the following as the reason:

• Medications taken during pregnancy • Infections, immunizations and inflammation • Exposure to toxins • Nutritional deficiencies or food allergies • Inborn errors of metabolism The doctors also believe that most Indian parentsdo not have the resources or the support to bring up autistic children.

Foods to Avoid in Autism:

• Gluten: The doctors report that eating gluten led to worsening symptoms which may indicate sensitivity. All food made with wheatsuch as bread, pasta, and wheat cereal are suggested to avoid.

• Cows Dairy: A1 casein, the protein in cow dairy, can trigger a similar reaction as gluten and hence it must also be avoided. The doctors suggest that green leafy vegetables or goat’s milk kefir can be included in the diet plan for calcium.

• Sugar: Avoiding any forms of concentrated sugar including candy, desserts, soda, or fruit juices is necessary as sugar can cause fluctuation in blood sugar. It is eventually believed to lead to behavioral problems.

How to cure Autism Naturally:

• Fish Oil: Fish oil contains EPA/DHA, which is critical for brain function and is also anti-inflammatory. The supplementation of fish oil has shown to reduce symptoms of autism and improve learning.

• Digestive enzymes: Children with autism tend to have digestive problems. They may also have leaky gut. Digestive enzymes can help in the absorption of vitamins and minerals in these children.

• Vitamin D3: Vitamin D is required for a healthy functioning of brain. However, its deficiency is commonly found in the autistic children. The doctors suggest that including Vitamin D3 in the diet can improve the condition of the patient.

• Probiotic: As autism is somehow connected to digestive issues, taking a good quality probiotic every day will help in maintaining a good intestinal health.

• L-carnitine: Symptoms of autism have shown to improve with the intake of amino acids.

Other natural treatments that help in autism include hyperbaric oxygen therapy,chelation detox, and supplementation with zinc, liposomal glutathione and l-glutamine. Various essential oils have also supported to cure autism naturally. The lavender oil can calm the body,vetiver essential oil has proven to balance brain waves and frankincense oil supports neurological development

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