7 common signs of Cancer — Are you ignoring these?

  Common signs of cancer Health issues like aches, bad throat may seem quite minor to you. But it isn’t wise to take them lightly, especially if they’re persistent. New findings and researches carried out by Oncologists at AMRI hospital and other institutions suggest that even most common ailments could be indicating cancer. AMRI Hospital Kolkata has listed below cancer symptoms that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  1. Long-lasting sore throat
You may think of sore throat as just another winter problem. But a persistent cough could be something more serious. One of the initial signs of laryngeal or throat cancer is sore throat.
  1. Lumps or Bumps
If you get unexplainable bumps on your body, it’s strongly recommended to get them checked by a doctor. Even though lumps are not cancer in most cases but staying on the safe side is wise.
  1. Bleeding
Blood in stool could be a sign of colon or rectal cancer, same in urine is a strong symptom of kidney stone and even cancer. Cases of cervical cancer involve unusual vaginal bleeding. Coughing up blood could be a result of lung cancer.
  1. Problem in swallowing
Difficulty in swallowing (throat constriction) is quite uncommon. It could be a clear sign of esophagus or throat cancer. Never ignore this.
  1. Weight loss
Most cancers result in sudden weight loss. If someone loses about 4-5kg without any significant change in lifestyle, it could be because of stomach, pancreatic, lung or esophageal cancer.
  1. Repetitive pain
Unusual repetitive or long lasting pain is the body’s way of signaling a problem, which could be nothing to something serious. If the pain is caused by cancer then it means the cancer has spread – a solid reason not to be casual and see a doctor.
  1. Cough or Hoarseness
Long lasting cough can be a reason of many major medical conditions, cancer is one the common ones. A persistent cough can be a result of lung or thyroid cancer. If you get abnormal voice changes and hoarseness, and the symptom doesn’t go away, you should get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Clearing your doubts is better than staying in dark. You can get yourself checked at AMRI group of hospital, which houses some of the best Oncologists in the country.

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