Smoking Plays Havoc with your Oral Hygiene

Most of us associate smoking to lung diseases and different other respiratory ailments. Then again, a recent report uncovers that smoking has other additional side effects and poor oral hygiene is one of them. The tendency of constant smoking can cause genuine damage to the general health of the mouth. A smoker might need to deal with diverse dental issues, for instance, tooth problem, damaged gums, etc. In serious cases smoking can also push a man in the severe hold of throat and mouth cancer. It is fundamental to understand that as confirmed by the specialists from Chisel Dental Clinic, over the top smoking is the chief reason in around 75% of mouth cancers and tumors. Recent studies uncover the fact that smokers are three times more at the peril of tooth loss as compared to the non-smokers. A lot of smoking can also cause discoloration of tooth. Aside from these problematic issues there are a few other issues too that are caused by excessive smoking. The truth of the matter is that it is hard for a smoker to stop smoking out of nowhere, yet this inclination or habit can be controlled to a certain degree with firm determination and self-discipline.

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    Smoking cessation classes and support groups are often used in tandem with drug therapy. These programs are offered through local hospitals in your community and sometimes through your employer or health insurance company. Ask your doctor or dentist for information on similar programs they may be familiar with.

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